GeoENS (Geographic Ethereum Name Service

GeoDNS, but for ENS! GeoENS is a smart contract specification that describes and implements location specific responses to ENS queries. The specification was submitted as an EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) which specifies an ENS resolver interface.
There are many use cases for traditional GeoDNS systems, like Amazon's Route53, in the centralized web. These use cases include proximity-based load balancing and serving content specific to the geographic location of the query. Unfortunately the ENS specification does not have a mechanism for geo-specific resolution. ENS can respond to queries with IP addresses (as described in EIP1185) however there is no way to respond to geo-specific queries. The EIP proposes a standard to give the ENS system geo-proximal awareness to serve a similar purpose as GeoDNS. PR - Source Code

Song Recommendation System

This project was a computer program similar to Pandora that would give recommendations for music. Given a song, the program would select 5 songs from it’s library determined to be the most similar. The program used DSP techniques such as spectral centroid tracking, spectral periodicity, and analysis of energy in spectral bands to extract features from each of the songs in its library. After feature extraction, the program then ran the K-NN machine learning algorithm to determine which songs were most similar. The project won first place in the individual undergrad category at Engineering Expo with over 5000 in attendance. Source Code

Decentralized Application on Ethereum

A decentralized application acting as a living will and testament. The DApp (smart contract) stores a users cryptocurrency. In the event of death, their funds are distributed amongst their planned benefactors, without the need for lawyers, mediation, or arbitration. Source Code

Electronic Brewery

A fully electronic system that automates the process of brewing beer. Used Raspberry Pi to control electronic heating element via PID algorithm. Temperature set-point adjusted via Apache hosted website. Source Code - Video Demonstration